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Ecopipo Cloth Nappies
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Gentle to your baby

Ecopipo nappies are manufactured using a unique combination of fabrics to allow your baby's skin to breathe. These fabrics help eliminate uncomfortable baby rash, keeping your special one dry and comfortable. Ecopipo nappies have been widely tested by more than 10,000 mums in over 10 countries. Available now in the UK and Ireland, you can give your baby the best tender care that Ecopipo nappies offer.

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Gentle to the Planet

In the UK alone, more than 3 billion nappies are thrown away every year. No one knows how long it takes for a disposable nappy to disintegrate. It is very likely that today’s mums and dads will never know. It is suspected it might take over 100 years for them to break down. If you value our beautiful green areas and do not want to send up to 1500 disposable nappies per year per baby to landfill, then our Ecopipo nappies are the right choice for you.

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Gentle to your pocket

In the UK the total cost of keeping a baby in disposable nappies, for the first two years, is estimated to be between £800 to £1000 pounds, using Ecopipo nappies you will save a minimum of £500. Our nappies are very durable and they will look just as new wash after wash.  You can even keep them for your next baby, saving you further money!

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Great for baby’s style

Ecopipo nappies come in trendy and fabulous colours and prints. Our ‘minky’ nappies have a luxurious texture. Your baby will be both, comfortable and very stylish. You will forget your baby is using nappies!

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Ecopipo Cloth Nappies

Ecopipo® is committed to the environment’s well-being, and also aims to be a socially responsible enterprise.  Read more about us

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