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About Ecopipo

About Ecopipo®

Ecopipo® nappies started in Mexico with the birth of my niece Ixchel’s first child. Like her mother and I, Ixchel has always been concerned about our environment and did not want her baby to contribute towards the world’s level of pollution. Ixchel was also concerned about the financial implications of disposable nappies. Following a long family tradition, she took the decision not to use disposable nappies. She quickly realised the nappies available were not as practical as they could be, so she decided to start making her own cloth nappies. Ixchel was helped along the way with sewing by her Grandmother (my mother).

They worked together for many days, filling grandma’s dining table with many experimental ideas. My niece was very focussed on her goals, she wanted to improve the efficiency of her baby’s nappies. After exhaustive research, she designed and started producing high quality cloth nappies. These new nappies did not cause nappy rash problems and her baby, my great nephew, loved to wear them.

Her homemade nappies were so good, that her friends wanted her to make nappies for their babies too. They all wanted to use a product that kept their babies comfortable and helped them to care for the environment.

In the early days, the making of  Ecopipo® nappies took place in my mother’s dinning room and now nearly 7 years later, with Ixchel as Director, Ecopipo® proudly employs over 30 workers, mainly mums, who work using the latest environmentally friendly techniques and equipment.

Ecopipo® is committed to the environment’s well-being, and also aims to be a socially responsible enterprise. Ecopipo® workers have mainly come from the long-term unemployed textile workers, in an area of Mexico where immigration to the USA is very high. All the workers receive a payment for their work that is well above the Mexican national average income wage. This is a direct benefit to over 300 families including Ecopipo’s large national and international distributors’ network.

Ecopipo® uses the latest technology in the production line and the strictest quality control measures to guarantee that our product reaches you at their best, for your baby’s comfort and for your own peace of mind.

My niece Ixchel and Ecopipo® have already received 3 awards. They won 1st prize at the Mexican Young Entrepreneurship Student Awards in 2011, competing against 260 entrepreneurial student projects in green technology. They gained the opportunity to participate in the Global Student Entrepreneur Award 2011, held in New York , Ecopipo and Ixchel obtained a highly commended international recognition. They also won 5th prize at National Level at the Clean Technology Challenge Mexico in 2011.

Our mission

To promote the use of reusable nappies to contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment.


To become a worldwide leader in the manufacturer of environmentally friendly products while growing as a socially responsible and environmental ethical company that generates employment and promotes its workforce welfare.

Team UK

We are a small family team but nevertheless full of enthusiasm. Terri and Janna my stepdaughters, Chloe my daughter and myself.

We could not resist the opportunity of promoting the use of cloth nappies in this part of the world. I have been recycling and teaching my family to do so, well before it became a law in the United Kingdom. I learnt  to recycle and to reuse as much possible and not to waste, from both my parents since I was no age. My parents had the first date on a trekking trip and my family spent every single weekend during my childhood trekking and climbing the mountains around Mexico city, my place of birth.

Since moving to Northern Ireland in 1992 I have been in love with the landscape of the British Islands and I have always done my best to keep it this way. When my daughter Chloe was born, I did not think twice about using cloth nappies. Unfortunately, my niece has not made Ecopipo® nappies in those days, and although big and bulky, Chloe and I survived her nappy days in terry nappies and plastic covers!!! More than one person called me old fashioned, but just knowing I was doing my bit for planet earth helped me to keep going.

Looking after the environment has become a real priority for me and as a part time teacher I frequently show my students facts and figures to help them to understand that we are responsible for looking after our beautiful but fragile world. For the last 7 years, we have been very lucky looking after a piece of land that we called our little patch of beauty. We keep some gorgeous horses in it and some deer visitors too! We do not use any pesticides or synthetic fertilisers and do our best to promote native plants and native wildlife on it.

Promoting Ecopipo® has become a passion for us  since the reduction of waste is one of the strong beliefs we hold as a family. Chloe made us all very proud when at her leaving ceremony in P7 she was awarded the school prize for being the pupil most interested in environmental issues and for having provided a practical solution to reduce the rubbish in the school yard. During secondary school she was an active member of the Environmental School Club, and she is hoping to start A levels in Environmental Studies this September.

I am really proud to say that since Ecopipo’ early days, up to today, there are 4 generations of my family working and promoting a better, cleaner world for all us.

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