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Ecopipo Love or Return Scheme

For only £ 2.50 per nappy, Ecopipo Love or Return Scheme is an easy way to check out if Ecopipo cloth nappies are the right cloth nappies for your little one.

Did you know that  apart from being mega cute and super easy to use,
Ecopipo cloth nappies are insanely absorbent?

If you want to know if Ecopipo cloth nappies are right for you and your baby, you could avail of Ecopipo Love or Return Scheme and find out why more and more mums prefer them every day. 

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Are you thinking of giving Ecopipo cloth nappies a go?


This is your opportunity to find out why many mums have made Ecopipo cloth nappies, the nappy they prefer for their little ones!

Now,  when you buy 3 nappies under the Ecopipo’s Love or Return Scheme, you have the chance to love them or return them, if they are not the right nappy for you and your baby, for only a £2.50 non-refundable fee per nappy.

Ecopipo Love or Return Scheme allows you to:

Use your nappies for a trial period of 30 days while you receive guidance and support from Jenni, our Ecopipo champion, during the whole trial and anytime after that, if you decide to keep them!

Keep them and receive 10% discount on your next purchase, including nappies and accessories.

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Try 3 pocket nappies or night nappies, or a mix of pocket and night nappies, to be sure they are the right nappies for you and for your little one!

Return them if you wish, to receive a refund (the price you paid for them minus £2.50 per item for the scheme fee).

Can't wait to start your trail?

Send Jenni a message now


Frequent asked questions

Q: Is this scheme for me?
A: With the right support it is easier to overcome any problem you might encounter when using a new nappy.

Cloth nappies can be tricky for some parents, however,  this scheme enables you to test out our pocket nappies and, if you wish, our night nappies,  without the risk of buying nappies that will not work for you and your little one.

If despite the support you have received from Jenni, you decide that Ecopipo cloth nappies aren't just for you, at least you can say you gave them a go, and you have only spent £7.50 plus P&P.

Q: Will I get any advice on their use during my trial?
A: Yeap! This is the core of this scheme. You will receive expert advice from the word go from Jenni, a very experienced Ecopipo cloth bum mum! Jenni will be advising you before you get your nappies, during the trial and after the trial if you decide to keep your nappies.

Q: Are the nappies for this scheme brand new?
A: Positive! All nappies are brand new! 

Q: What will it happen if I decided to keep the nappies?
A: We will be delighted for you, as you have found they work for you! Keeping all your nappies will give you an automatic discount of 10% on your next purchase when you buy them directly with our  Ecopipo champion. 

Q: What do I need to do if I decide to return the nappies?
A: Please note that if you have decided to return the nappies, it is your responsibility to let us know in writing no later than the day before the date of your trial is going to expire.

Q:  How can I get my money back?
A: Once we get your returned nappies we will check that they are in good working order, and if so, we will refund the money you paid for them minus £7.50 (£2.50 per nappy) for the scheme fee.  

Q: Can I choose my colours and prints?
A: Of course! We want you to love your Ecopipo cloth nappies and colours and prints are part of it. However, you will only be able to choose from our current stock.

Ecopipo Onesie pocket nappies variety of colours and prints

Q: Do I have to pay for postage if I return the nappies?
A:  YES, you are responsible for the cost of returning any nappies to us, therefore we strongly recommend you to use Royal Mail 2nd class signed for and obtain proof of postage, as otherwise we will not be able to deal with your return if the parcel gets lost or misplaced in the mail.

Q: What if my nappies get lost or damaged?
A: If you lose or damage a nappy during your trial, we will not be able to refund your money. 
However, manufacturing defects are very rare and they are neither your problem, nor your responsibility. Every nappy has its full Ecopipo guarantee and it will be valid during the trial.

Q: What if I want to keep only one or two of the nappies and return the rest?
A: No worries, we will refund the money you paid for them, minus the £2.50 of each of the nappies you are returning.

Q: When does the 30 days begin?
A: Your 30 day trial begins from the date your package is delivered and signed for, not the date of dispatch. We will check this with Royal mail and we will send you an email to give you the exact dates of your trial.

Q:  How much will it cost me to try these nappies?
A: You will be charge the full RRP for at least three nappies, you can choose if you only want pocket nappies or only night nappies or a combination.

For the night nappies we suggest you include a wrap in your order as this nappy is not waterproof. However if you have already another wrap or a wool soaker,  you can use it.

All orders will have a charge of £4.00 for packaging and postage only to UK addresses.

Q:  Where I can get more info?

A: Jenni will help you with your queries and any further questions you might have.

Q: When I  can start?

A: The sooner you get in touch with Jenni, the quicker you can start! 

Q: What do I need to do?

A: Contact Jenni and let her know that you are interested in the Ecopipo Love or Return Scheme. 

Can't wait to start your trail?

Just send an email to Jenni now


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