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by Chris Kelly on
The new favourites in my stash

I started using Ecopipo when they launched in Ireland this year; I already had an extensive stash of AIOs and pockets- each of those brands had elements I liked but Ecopipo is the only one that ticks all of my boxes. The double gusset means we have no leaks or spills and is gentle on my little ones legs. Absorbency is second to none and we can use them both day and night. Best of all for a cloth addict like me, the prints are gorgeous! I would recommend them to anyone - new to cloth or a seasoned user- and are my first choice to send to creche thanks to their ease of use. If you haven't tried them, do!

by Donna on
Pocket nappies, wipes and bibs

I use a few Eco pipo products and have to say I love them all. Double gusset and snake insert on pockets are amazing and contain really well. Also love all the super cute designs.Bibs are super absorbent for a dribbly baby and excellent for weaning as well, added bonus that they match the nappiesWipes are brill, really soft and excellent for cleaning what u need them toOnly thing I took this review down a star by is that the pocket nappies don't have a popper option yet. Once they do this will be a 5 start product for me

by Donna H on
All In One - Thumbs Up

I have a tall, chubby toddler that barely fits in to btp and a super peeing chunky baby that also gives most BTP a good challenge ......Then along came the new AIO !Both kiddies can not only fit comfortably in to the AIO but they actually have the rise snapped down by at least 2 poppers ! I have only used it as a day nappy so far but after 5 hours I change it because I feel I really should and it isnt even that soaked ! Definitely a winner in this house.The material on the outer and the prints are fantastic and the frills make it look really comfortable on my chubby kids and not like the nappy is digging in like some other brands

by Lynsey on
Bibs and nappies

I received both bibs and nappies as a gift. Not only do these products have pretty patterns on them,they also wash brilliantly and serve their purpose well! I have tried many brands of bibs and nappies and nothing compares to Eco Pipo's outstanding quality! THANK YOU! 🙂

by Lorena on
Great quality, fantastic price

I started using ecopipo almost 2 years ago, I got my first one as a present and straight away fall in love with the 2 opening system that made them so easy to stuff, the double gusset feature that prevented even the worst poonami to came out,the super soft lining, the ultra strong velcro and the long bamboo insert that dry quickly and can be fold as needed to get the maximum absorbancy, the fitting (once you get the correct setting on the snaps) is brilliant and they became our best more reliable nightime nappy, so I decided to buy a few more (own like 25 now) and was surprised at the price I got my first lot on offer but even a full price they are accessible.Last year the double opening was changed to just one opening I wasn't very happy with the idea but the opening is wide enough so stuffing them still easier, still have the double gusset that sometimes is a God send and somehow the fitting is more slim then before without losing absorbancy. The prints are so cute it make you want all of them :)A great nappy all around.

by Juliete Harpur on
Excellent Nappies

I have been using cloth for 5 months so far and Ecopipo is my favourite nappy. The tri fold insert is so absorbent and even though each nappy comes with a booster i have never had to use the booster as two layers of bamboo and one microfibre is plenty. Even though the nappies have three layered inserts they are not bulky on my petit little girl. The double gusset is fantastic i have never had a leak with my ecopipo nappies. The poppers and velcro make the nappy fully adjustable and fit both my little 6 months old and my 2.5 year old toddler perfectly. Prints are gorgeous, the ethics behind the company are great and the customer serve is fantastic. Definitely recommend. A must try.

by Emma Monroe on
BTP = perfect all rounders

I have only been using cloth for the past 4 weeks and have already fallen in love with it. I found btp pockets the easiest for daddy to use so thats what we stuck with. I won my first ecopipo nappy on a FB page and fell in love all over again. I love the bright prints and trifold insert that we can use successfully, without the extra booster, with no leaks. The fit is perfect for my very slight little boy and his tiny legs. All in all, The prefect nappy for us. I recently attended the first ecopipo party hosted by my friend and learnt the story of how ecopipo began and and the amazing ethics behind the company. And of course I had to buy another one. I now have a list of nappies that we will be adding to our nappy stash 🙂

by Becky on
Night nappies

Having just won the ecopiopo night nappy on auction for the cloth nappy network I have to say it's the best nappy ever! It's our first proper nighttime nappy and it's amazing! We had 13 hours in it and my baby's bum was still dry in the morning - amazing! Everyone needs one of these in their collection 💗 X

by Liz Macfarlane on
5 stars isn't enough!

I bought three Ecopipo Night Nappies and a wrap after some fantastic recommendations in a facebook group. I have a 16 month old son who out wees every night nappy we've tried and weve tried lots! I cannot recommend enough both the fabulous nappies and wraps and the excellent customer service. They went above and beyond to help me and the products are really well made and fit well too. So much so that i bought more a few days later! I will be telling everyone i know to buy their nappies from here in the future.
Thank you so much for helping us x

by Carla rodgers on
Fab products

Im our house we use ecopipos day and night nappys plus the swimming nappy tooThe day nappys are awesome we easily get 5 hours and thats without ever using the added booster in them the velcro is fab and i love the extra velcro to use in the wash to stop it wearing outThe night nappys are my go to night nappy we get 11/12 hours from them most nights and are soo easy to use and teamed with the ecopipo wraps with their double gust leaks are super rareAnd the swim nappy is soo cute and fits great

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