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Features of Ecopipo® nappies


All our products are made from advanced, eco-friendly, high-quality fabrics to allow for maximum comfort for your baby.

PUL for the outer layers

PUL is a laminated fabric with two important characteristics; it prevents the escape of liquids while at the same time allows air to enter, so babies’ buttocks do not overheat and stay as fresh as possible.

Our Ecopipo® ‘Minky’ nappies are made with the same PUL fabric, providing these two superb characteristics, and then, they are covered with a super soft ‘Minky’ fabric. This fabric has attractive designs in a wide range of colours and babies enjoy feeling this new texture.

Micro fleece for the inner layers

Microfleece is an environmentally friendly fabric (made from recycled materials) that keeps baby’s buttocks very dry. It absorbs moisture and dries solid waste, making it easier for you to wash the nappies.
Microfleece does not keep odours and does not stain when washed with a soft hypoallergenic washing powder. It also does not pile easily and its texture and colour are maintained as new, wash after wash!

Inserts (absorbent)

Each Ecopipo® nappy comes with two inserts: a day insert made of  microfiber and  bamboo, that provides 6 layers of absorbency as a standard and a booster made of organic bamboo that can be bought apart, if more absorbency is needed, ie, long car/shopping trips or night time.


This is a highly absorbent hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, man-made fabric, its main feature is to absorb up to 3 times its weight, which makes it one of the most absorbent fabrics available right now.


Made from 100% natural organic fibres. Bamboo inserts also absorb up to 3 times their own weight and in addition, they have proven antibacterial properties.

The long (day) insert must be used with the nappy at all times and the short (booster) it is only necessary if you baby is a heavy wetter or during night time.

Polyresin snap poppers

Ecopipo® nappies are made to last, and as we know, babies grow quite fast. Therefore, our nappies are designed with snap poppers to allow you to adjust the size of the nappy from small to medium and onto large size. These nappies are a real one size fits all, from 8 lbs to 34 lbs, saving you a lot of money!

Front Poppers

These poppers are at the front of Ecopipo® nappies to provide maximum comfort for your baby so you can easily adjust for different tummy sizes.

However if you prefer to adjust the nappy onto the tummy, just like a disposable, we have also made our Ecopipo® nappies without front poppers, but instead using a high-quality Velcro, that is totally wash-resistant and to increase its durability, we have added a Velcro wash protection.

Comfortable elastic on waist and legs

Our nappies have fabric elastics in the legs and waist helping to prevent leaks. They are so soft that will not hurt your baby’s skin and will provide freedom of movement for your baby.

Hide Bag System (Large pocket for inserts)

This keeps inserts in place and makes nappy changing very easy, as you can store your fresh nappies with their inserts already in the pocket, and when a fresh nappy is needed they are totally ready and they can be changed as easy as disposable ones.

Inner Gusset (rails) system

These are made of super soft fabric elastic also and are placed at each side of the microfleece pocket, to further protect against leaks.


Read our FAQs section to find out more about Ecopipo’s features.

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