Ecopipo Onesize PUL Nappy Wrap Mr Fox’s adventures print

Check out the colourful Ecopipo Onesize PUL Nappy Wrap  Mr Fox’s adventures print here to add a adventure and colour to your nappy stash.

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Ecopipo Onesize PUL Nappy Wrap Mr Fox’s adventures print is the perfect beginning for your little one’s adventurous life!

Ecopipo Onesize PUL Nappy Wrap Mr Fox’s adventures print has a double gusset to prevent leakages and a lovely shape to allow an excellent snug fit.

This wrap is easily adjusted by a poppers system on the rise to be used from 8 to 35 lbs  (3.6 to 16 kg) of weight approximately.

If the wrap is not soiled it can be wiped clean in between uses or wash as necessary.

This wrap is made entirely of PUL, therefore should never be exposed to the direct sunlight or be placed on top of a hot radiator

This wrap is really durable however to extend its  life. it is better to  hand wash it in lukewarm soapy water and air dry it in a shadow/indoors area.

This wrap is very ample and it is recommended to waterproof adjustable night nappies, pre-folds or terry nappies, even if your baby needs a lot of absorbency, for instance during  night time, because there is room for adding lot of layers of absorbency.

This wrap comes with two types of closure, hook and loop (Velcro) or snaps, so you can choose the one it suits you best.

Additional information

Weight .075 g
Closure system

Hook and loop (Velcro), Snaps/poppers