All in One BTP Owls Velcro

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The inner layer of the new Ecopipo All in One is made of luxurious soft bamboo velour. It also has already attached 2 layers of microfiber and 2 layers of bamboo. If extra absorbency is required each nappy comes, as standard, with an extra absorbent made of 4 layers of absorbent bamboo that can be snapped to the nappy.
If your baby has sensitive skin, this nappy might help to reduce skin problems, as bamboo velour is one of the softest fabrics, with hypoallergenic properties, apart from being moisture wicking which keeps you baby’s bum comfortable and dry.
When compare with our pocket nappies they will need to change a little bit more often and they will take a little bit longer to dry, however these nappies are winners when your baby is in childcare or daddy/granny are looking after your little one, as they can be put together simply.
They are very anatomical and real BTP nappies fitting snuggly babies from 9 lb 14 oz. to toddler of 37 lbs 8 oz. approximately.

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