v2 Pink skull Velcro

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v2 Pink skull Velcro

Birth to potty Patterned Ecopipo pocket nappy’s features:

Adjustable popper system which allows each nappy to be worn by babies as small as 7-8 lbs, depending on the size of baby’s legs, growing to 35lbs+ (average 3 years of age).
Velcro closure tabs that have been designed with your baby’s comfort in mind.
Double ultra-soft elastic system to reduce leaks.
Super soft, durable and stretchy back elastic to keep baby’s stool in without causing red marks on delicate baby’s skin.
Easy to fill pocket with overlap slot to avoid liquid from escaping and your baby from getting wet.
Made using eco-friendly, high quality fabrics for maximum comfort for your baby.
Waterproof outer layer patterned with modern, fashionable, trendy and funkiest prints designs. It prevents the escape of liquids and allows air to enter, keeping your baby’s buttocks as fresh as possible.
The super soft inner layer is made of micro fleece, a fabric really easy to wash. It will ensure that the moist moves away from the delicate skin of your baby, keeping your baby very dry.
Every nappy comes with 2 inserts as standard. The essential insert is made from a combination of microfiber and bamboo and it is very absorbent too, however if you baby is a heavy wetter you can boost absorbency using the smaller, organic bamboo insert.
For your own peace of mind and since we are confident of offering you a high quality, high absorbency, soft comfort nappy, all our nappies have a warranty for up to two years. See our full guarantee/warranty policy for full details.

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